Player Set allows you to move a whole group of players at once. If the location where you will be moving your players does not yet exist, Player Set will create it and move the players to that location.

If you wish to run this process by the name of the player click on PlayerName Template to download a fillable .csv

Note: If you have more than one player with the same Name, you must use the Serial Template.

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If you would rather run the process by the player’s Serial Number, download the
Serial Template.

Note: If you need help locating your players' serial number, please read this.

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In both cases, after downloading the file please input the requested information for each player, save your file and then click on Upload and Run button to Upload your .csv to Zynchro.

Once uploaded, you will see a confirmation text and your players will be visible in Zynchro. 

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This short video will walk you through the process.

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