The TV tab offers details regarding the TV that the player is currently connected to.

Please take note that for Zynchro to display the TV information accurately, your TV must be equipped with HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and it must be turned on. Without these requirements, Zynchro will not be able to access and present TV-related data.

We recommend testing this functionality, as certain TVs' HDMI CEC may not be compatible with Zynchro.

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Among the information you’ll receive from the connected TV are Manufacturer, Product, Manufactured, Monitor Name, and Size.

Most importantly, you’ll receive the TV Power status (On/Standby) and the TV Input (HDMI X).

To view the values on the TV tab columns or to refresh the information, click on the “View” button on the EDID column.

By clicking on the "View" button located in the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) column, you can access additional information from your TV. EDID is a metadata format that communicates the TV's capabilities to a video source, such as a graphics card or set-top box. This data format adheres to a standard set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), ensuring compatibility and uniformity across devices.

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For more information on how to control the TV Power and TV Input of a connected TV using Zynchro, please consult the TV Control documentation.

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